11 November 2020
Neva Towers apartment rental and resale service

Renaissance Development has established the Property Management Department. The Department provides professional agency services for the resale and rental, as well as trust services in respect of Neva Towers apartments.

Prospective tenants receive professional service and an opportunity to choose an apartment in “one window”, saving time on appointments with agents of different companies, promptly negotiate all details with the owner and the management company, receive legal support and special conditions for membership in one of the most modern fitness clubs located in the complex.

And the owners of the apartments benefit from the service, high level of security in the complex and “caring attitude” to their property from the developer.

Neva Towers offers apartments with different layouts, areas and views. What they have in common is the unique concept of the complex. All apartments in Neva Towers have panoramic glazing, allowing you to admire the views of the capital by day and by night.

What's important: the Property Management department not only selects the apartments, but also provides legal support to tenants. A separate bonus for tenants: special terms for membership in Crocus Fitness Neva Towers.

The “Lease from the Developer's Department” format implies market rental rates, real offers, and no agency commission. Businessmen, bloggers and famous athletes are among the clients who have already rented apartments from the Developer's Department.