17 July 2020
Mobile app and personal account on the management company’s website

Dear Residents!

We would like to inform you that for your convenience we have developed a mobile app and a personal account on the Management Company’s website.

Using the app and through your personal account, you can:

  • Submit applications to the Management Company
  • Pay your bills
  • Order food delivery from the fitness bar to your apartment
  • Sign up for spa treatments
  • Sign up for fitness training
  • Order cleaning and other services of the Management Company

You need to download the mobile app and go through the verification for Owners or do it in your personal account on the Management Company’s website http://nevamanagement.ru

Tenants will also be able to use the mobile app by going through the verification for Tenants, where all services and information are available, except for the personal data relating to the apartments in which they live.